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Smart Film/glass

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Smart Film

The liquid crystal molecules line up and the incident light passes through when power is on, the privacy film becomes transparent from an opaque state. On the other hand, when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, results in opaque state.

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Reverse Smart Film

Extremely New Technology!

The stable state of the film is transparent when the power is off! As no power is consumed when the film is transparent, it is suitable for the environment where the transparent state is usually preferable.

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Normal or reverse smart film both are available for without adhesive film and self-adhesive smart film.

The smart film without adhesive is for glass maunufacturers to make laminated smart glass, IGU smart glass, etc.

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The self-adhesive smart film is prepared for consumers to install on the existing glass.

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The partitions made with smart glass offer privacy in an office environment. These partitions work like a window film that allows people on one side to see out but prevents those on the other side from seeing in.This is a great choice for offices where privacy and security are concerns, because the partitions can easily be programmed to change from transparent to opaque at any time. They also have the capability of regulating heat in meeting rooms, which can make this type of partition an attractive option over traditional blinds or drapes.READ MORE

Switchable glass partitions are used to divide an office space into different areas. It is a good way to create privacy, separate spaces and control the temperature in a room. These partitions are made of transparent glass that can be partitioned or unpartitioned at will.There are many benefits of using smart glass in commercial offices, such as the ability to control the temperature with ease and creating privacy.Switchable glass is a type of partition that can be found in commercial offices. It helps to reduce the heat inside the office and provides privacy for those who need it.The use of smart glass has become more prevalent in recent years due to its ability to dim and reject heat. The material is also popular because it can be used by people who are looking for privacy or want their workspace to get less light exposure during the day. READ MORE

The use of intelligent glass in offices is becoming a trend. It helps to efficiently partition spaces and offers privacy when needed.There are two types of smart glass: one is not transparent to opaque, which means that it can offer privacy without the need for a partition; the other type of intelligent glass will become opaque once it is triggered by motion sensors, or as soon as someone walks in front of it.The heat rejection properties of these panes are also very helpful when you need to change your environment temperature rapidly.Traditional blinds may be replaced with such transparency film windows, for instance on an office window, because they offer more freedom and flexibility than traditional blinds.READ MORE

Dimming glass is a partitioning system that can automatically change the transparency of its windows, making them completely transparent or completely opaque with the touch of a button. This allows offices to maintain privacy while still enjoying natural light and views.Replacing blinds with smart glass involves replacing the blinds with a type of partitioning system that can change between transparent and opaque with the push of a button. This allows companies to maintain their privacy while still being able to enjoy natural light and fresh air coming into the office.

The partition is a smart glass that can be used in the office. It has a number of features that make it a great option for office use. For example, it rejects heat and reduces glare, which provides privacy and comfort to employees. It also has an automatic dimming feature that changes the brightness based on the time of day.Some other benefits of partitions are their durability, scratch-resistance, and UV protection.A smart glass partition is a type of window that can be used in any office. It is usually made from a smart film which can be dimmed or made opaque with the touch of a button. The glass also has heat rejection properties, making it a good option for offices with no air conditioning.It is not just offices that are using this technology. Retailers and restaurants are also implementing it in their design to provide privacy and reduce the need for air conditioning in some areas.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Manufacturing in Buenos Aires,Argentina– We supplies massive rolls smart film and costumed size ones with bus-bars to the factories which is looking to produce your own switchable smart glass.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Wholesale in Buenos Aires,Argentina– Premier quality and excellent performance smart film&glass will match all needs for your customers.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Commercial Buildings in Buenos Aires,Argentina– internal partitions,windows,doors,office glass walls,rooflights,conservatories,meeting rooms,shopfront windows,examination rooms etc.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Industrial Buildings in Buenos Aires,Argentina – partitions,presentation screens,furniture displays,shop windows,rooflights,high traffic areas,high traffic areas,information counters etc.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Residential buildings in Buenos Aires,Argentina – privacy security glass,shower screens & surrounds,bathroom walls & doors,rooflights etc.



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