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Smart Film/glass

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Smart Film

The liquid crystal molecules line up and the incident light passes through when power is on, the privacy film becomes transparent from an opaque state. On the other hand, when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, results in opaque state.

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Reverse Smart Film

Extremely New Technology!

The stable state of the film is transparent when the power is off! As no power is consumed when the film is transparent, it is suitable for the environment where the transparent state is usually preferable.

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Normal or reverse smart film both are available for without adhesive film and self-adhesive smart film.

The smart film without adhesive is for glass maunufacturers to make laminated smart glass, IGU smart glass, etc.

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The self-adhesive smart film is prepared for consumers to install on the existing glass.

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It is not uncommon for offices to have glass partitions or windows as they are used to provide light and a view of the outside world. This can also be done in a way that allows people on both sides of the glass to see what is happening on one side while keeping the other side private. However, these partitions can also be made from switchable glass so that they are transparent when you want to see through it and opaque when you don't.The partition offers an alternative for privacy since it does not rely on blinds or curtains. Blinds need to be closed every time someone walks by and curtains need to be drawn back each time someone enters or leaves, which can create more work for people who need privacy. Switchable glass partition eliminates this concern because office workers can decide when and how much privacy they want depending on their needs at the moment and then modify their partition accordingly.READ MORE

With the fast paced lifestyles in today's world, companies are looking for ways to promote efficiency. One way to do this is by implementing dimming control glass partitions in the office, which have a lot of benefits.One major benefit of these partitions is that they can help keep the office cooler through heat rejection and blocking out excess light. The partition can also block privacy for increased confidentiality, which is commonly desired in an office setting. The partition could be used as a meeting room partition when it becomes opaque with window film or if it becomes transparent with blinds that open up and shut down when needed. And lastly, they are cheaper than replacing blinds or installing more windows!With the fast paced lifestyles in today's world companies are looking for ways to promote efficiency one way is by implementing dimming control glass partitions in the office which offer man. READ MORE

The commercial office environment is a high-energy and demanding space. The office partition is the biggest obstacle to keeping it cool. With smart glass, the office partition can be replaced with a transparent material that can reject heat and provide privacy.Intelligent glass is one of the most exciting new innovations in building construction and design. It’s a type of window film that can be made clear or opaque at the flick of a switch, or even turned on its head to serve as an exterior sunshade. In this article we explore how smart glass could change office design forever by replacing blinds and windows with walls of glass that are both transparent and opaque.READ MORE

The use of pivacy glass partitions in commercial offices is becoming more and more popular. They offer many advantages over traditional blinds and curtains. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to control the amount of light coming through, they also have a number of other functions.The partitions can be made transparent to opaque so they can provide privacy when needed. They also provide heat rejection, which is important in an office environment where people are often sitting near windows for long periods. The partitions can be fitted with window film which is transparent to opaque so you can adjust it depending on what you need at that time. This means that you don’t need to replace blinds or curtains to get the same benefits as pivacy glass offers but it also means that they are not suitable for all environments.

There is more and more interest in how we can design our work environments. We have a variety of different materials and products to choose from that have different functions. Intelligent glass is one option available for partitioning an office space, but it has its pros and cons.Partition walls are typically a necessary investment for any commercial office space because of building codes or zoning regulations. They provide a lot of privacy, which is important when private conversations are taking place in the workplace. You can also select the specific type of partition wall best for your needs based on its function (for example, sound-proofing) or aesthetic qualities (i.e., window film).The main function of switchable glass as an office partition is heat rejection - it keeps the heat out during the summer and allows sunlight in during the winter months. For these reasons, it's often used with dual-glazed windows to replace blinds or artificial lighting when windows are facing southward on east-wes.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Manufacturing in London,United Kingdom– We supplies massive rolls smart film and costumed size ones with bus-bars to the factories which is looking to produce your own switchable smart glass.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Wholesale in London,United Kingdom– Premier quality and excellent performance smart film&glass will match all needs for your customers.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Commercial Buildings in London,United Kingdom– internal partitions,windows,doors,office glass walls,rooflights,conservatories,meeting rooms,shopfront windows,examination rooms etc.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Industrial Buildings in London,United Kingdom – partitions,presentation screens,furniture displays,shop windows,rooflights,high traffic areas,high traffic areas,information counters etc.

ADHESIVE LC FILM Residential buildings in London,United Kingdom – privacy security glass,shower screens & surrounds,bathroom walls & doors,rooflights etc.



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