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Smart Film/glass

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Smart Film

The liquid crystal molecules line up and the incident light passes through when power is on, the privacy film becomes transparent from an opaque state. On the other hand, when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, results in opaque state.

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Reverse Smart Film

Extremely New Technology!

The stable state of the film is transparent when the power is off! As no power is consumed when the film is transparent, it is suitable for the environment where the transparent state is usually preferable.

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Normal or reverse smart film both are available for without adhesive film and self-adhesive smart film.

The smart film without adhesive is for glass maunufacturers to make laminated smart glass, IGU smart glass, etc.

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The self-adhesive smart film is prepared for consumers to install on the existing glass.

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Intelligent glass is a partition that can be used in commercial offices to provide privacy and heat rejection. It also has the ability to dim the light and reject heat. This type of glass is a good choice for offices that are not as private as they need to be, or for those who would like to have more control over their environment.A pivacy glass partition is made up of two sheets of glass with a thin film in between them. The film can change its opacity and reflectivity, which means that it can provide privacy when needed or let more light in when desired. It also has the capability to filter out certain wavelengths of light, which means it can help keep an office cool during hot days.READ MORE

Intelligent glass is a window film transparent to opaque that can be switched to one of two states. One state is transparent, while the other state is opaque. The smart glass can be used to partition off an area of the office or can be used as a way to control privacy in an office.The smart glass not only has the function of keeping heat out but also has privacy and security functions. The window film can be switched from clear to opaque depending on what the user wants at that time. This means that when it is time for a meeting, you can switch the window film from transparent to opaque so that people outside cannot see what is happening inside the meeting room. READ MORE

A pivacy glass partition can provide privacy in open offices and make it possible for employees to concentrate on their work. They also reduce the need for air conditioning by rejecting heat from the building.The office partitions are also a great way to make a break from the day, or to take a quick nap if you're feeling tired.READ MORE

Intelligent glass is a type of partition that can be designed to have various degrees of opacity. The main function of the smart glass is to provide privacy for employees and create an office environment with a feeling of natural light.The partition is made up of two sheets that are made from safety glass and laminated together with a special film. The first sheet has an adhesive on one side that attaches it to the second sheet, which has an adhesive on both sides. The film between the two sheets is then heated until it becomes soft and pliable, allowing the two sheets to be pressed together at all four edges.This type of partition can provide privacy for employees while also letting in natural light through its transparent surface in order to create an office environment with a feeling of natural light whereas other partitions like blinds or curtains only allow artificial lighting through them which may cause eye strain or headaches due to lack of sunlight exposure.

The use of switchable privacy glass in offices is a growing trend. This type of glass offers different features depending on the needs of the building. Apart from providing privacy and blocking heat, it can also offer more protection against natural light.We should note that switchable privacy glass is not yet being widely used in the office industry, but this type of partitioning system will most likely grow to become one of the primary options for office space design.

ADHESIVE PDLC SMART FILM Manufacturing in Mumbai,India– We supplies massive rolls smart film and costumed size ones with bus-bars to the factories which is looking to produce your own switchable smart glass.

ADHESIVE PDLC SMART FILM Wholesale in Mumbai,India– Premier quality and excellent performance smart film&glass will match all needs for your customers.

ADHESIVE PDLC SMART FILM Commercial Buildings in Mumbai,India– internal partitions,windows,doors,office glass walls,rooflights,conservatories,meeting rooms,shopfront windows,examination rooms etc.

ADHESIVE PDLC SMART FILM Industrial Buildings in Mumbai,India – partitions,presentation screens,furniture displays,shop windows,rooflights,high traffic areas,high traffic areas,information counters etc.

ADHESIVE PDLC SMART FILM Residential buildings in Mumbai,India – privacy security glass,shower screens & surrounds,bathroom walls & doors,rooflights etc.



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