What is Smart Film?


The base of intelligent film is PDLC(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal).

Switchable film is an electronically controlled PDLC film which becomes transparent from a opaque state at the flick of a switch.

The liquid crystal molecules line up and the incident light passes through when power is on, the privacy film becomes transparent from an opaque state. On the other hand, when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, results in opaque state.

The intelligent film provides a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy in daily life. It is the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.


What is Laminated Smart Glass?

The laminated intelligent glass is laminated safety glass. The electrical dimming film consists of PDLC formulation that is sealed between two panes of glass.

The switchable layer is sealed between two toughened glass panels, making our laminated intelligent glass a highly durable and safe solution for public and private applications such as healthcare, public areas, showers & hotels etc.

Due to the nature of intelligent glass, it can be positioned easily side by side (glass to glass) without the need for any vertical frames which makes it ideal solutions for glass walls and partitions, creating a minimal and contemporary look with elegance.

Switchable laminated privacy glass offers greater safety and security in both the workplace and the home. Our unique manufacturing process means that our laminated panels provide superior performance and clarity compared to other products in the market.

The switchable layer is sandwiched between two toughened glass panels, making our laminated intelligent glass a highly durable and safe solution for specialist applications such as healthcare, public areas, showers & wet rooms, hotels & hospitality, clean rooms, etc.



Laminated intelligent Glass is incorporated with our switchable intelligent glass technology. PDLC privacy glass is ideal for high traffic areas, showrooms, bathrooms and hospitals and suitable for video projection.


What kind products can be supplied?

Our switchable laminated privacy glass is available for standard thickness and specifications while custom glass thicknesses and specifications and bulletproof options are available on request.

Our standard laminated dimming glass is available in 12mm,14mm,18mm and 22mm thicknesses, however custom glass thicknesses and specifications are available on request. Custom glass specifications and bulletproof options are also available on request.

GlobalSmartGlass offers colored and tinted options that are ideal solutions for interior design applications for both commercial and residential sectors e.g. contemporary homes, commercial glass buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, commercial window display, clubs, luxury yachts etc.

pdlc smart film
pdlc smart film

GlobalSmartGlass is the only manufacturer on the market offering a size as big as 2000*6000mm dividing partitions switchable privacy glass products.


We offer three kinds of laminated smart glass for different applications as below table.

laminated smart glass Optical VLT-ON≥80% VLT-OFF<70% HAZE-ON ≤4% HAZE-OFF≥95% Working Voltage-ON 48-65VAC Response Time<10ms Power Consumption-ON≤5W/m2 Operating Temperature ON/OFF -10°C to 70°C Thickness≤400μm Maximum Width:2000mm Maximum Length:50m

More products and smart glass demo kits are available, please feel free to contact us!



Immediate privacy protection
Reliable and practical
Modern style
Custom size
Easy care
Long live
Safety and security
Excellent for space-constrained areas
Decorative look
Block harmful UV rays
Resistance to adverse weather conditions

pdlc smart film


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