Thermochromic PVB Interlayer GLOBAL SMART GLASS

Easy to laminated between glass panes and the visible light of glass changes with temperature change.

Thermochromic PVB Interlayer

Thermochromic PVB interlayer is a kind of intermediate layer material for dry laminated glass. It is composed of about 80% polyvinylbutyral resin powder and 20% photothermal macromolecule nano- materials. The interlayer is made by tape casting equipment. Various color systems can be synthesized according to different formulations. The base color of the TC Interlayer can be determined at room temperature of 25℃. With the increase of temperature, the color of TC Interlayer changes from light to deep.

How to use the Thermochromic PVB interlayer

Thermochromic PVB interlayer(TC Interlayer) has the same cohesiveness and safety as traditional PVB interlayer material. It can be combined with various glasses to make safety glasses with thermochromic, shading, heat insulation and energy saving.
Thermochromic PVB interlayer(TC Interlayer) can be used to make laminated glass alone or laminate with other PVB interlayer.
Thermochromic PVB interlayer(TC Interlayer) meets the standard requirements of GB/T32020-2015 “Polyvinylbutyral interlayer“(Chinese national standard), and ”JC/T 2166-2013 polyvinyl butyral(PVB) interlayer for laminated glass, and has passed the test of China National Safety Glass and Quartz Glass Test Center(National test center for glass)
Thermochromic PVB interlayer(TC Interlayer) laminated glass meets the requirements of GB15763.3-2009 "Safety Glass for Construction Part3: Laminated Glass“(Almost same with EN 14449).


The change of visible light transmittance with the temperature
Thermochromic glass keeps the visible light indoor in a comfortalbe zone



Thermochromic glass always keeps transparent in the process of color changing and shading, and has excellent visual effect. By adjusting the visible light transmittance and shading coefficient, the glare can be reduced, the visual comfort can be increased, and the light indoor can be kept soft.
Thermochromic glass can be used with conventional glass deep process ingconfiguration such as empering, semi-tempering, hollow, vacuum, low-E, form IGU or vacuum glass, to provide customers with a complete set of sun-shading glass solutions.
Compared with other sun-shading products, Thermochromic glass costsless,and with the whole life cycle of the building, there is no need for follow-up maintenance costs.
advantages of Thermochromic glass,Comparison of shading coefficient between 
ThermochromicGlass with Ordinary Glass
Comparison of shading coefficient between ThermochromicGlass with Ordinary Glass





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