What is Smart Film?


The base of intelligent film is PDLC(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal).

Switchable Film is an electronically controlled PDLC film which becomes transparent from a opaque state at the flick of a switch.

The liquid crystal molecules line up and the incident light passes through when power is on, the privacy film becomes transparent from an opaque state. On the other hand, when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, results in opaque state.

The intelligent film provides a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy in daily life. It is the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.


What is Smart Film for Lamination?

Smart film for lamination is protected by protective sheets. The PDLC smart film is supplied for processed glass factories/companies to make the intelligent glass, which can not be used by end-users directly.

The film offers instant privacy at a flick of a switch after lamination! Privacy film works on an electrical principle switching from opaque to transparent when power is applied.



We supplies massive rolls of privacy film for lamination to the factories who have experience in cutting and making busbars by themselves. The custom size switchable film with bus-bars(electrodes trip) is also available for the companies who only make the laminated glass.

We supply the world’s leading intelligent film for lamination, interlayer(EVA) and glass to accelerate your process of lamination.Our privacy film can be laminated using either PVB or EVA (bagging method) with a standard autoclave. The training course and instructions are available after receipt of our products.


What kind products can be supplied?

We supplies massive rolls of smart film for lamination to the factories who have experience in cutting and making bus-bars by themselves. The custom size intelligent film with bus-bars(electrodes trip) is also available for the companies who only make the laminated glass.

pdlc smart film

Massive rolls of smart film for lamination

pdlc smart film

Custom size smart film with bus-bars(electrodes trip)

How to make the busbars for smart film?

How to make smart glass?



We offer three kinds of smart films for lamination for different applications as in below.

Optical VLT-ON≥80% VLT-OFF<70% HAZE-ON ≤4% HAZE-OFF≥95% Working Voltage-ON 65VAC Response Time<10ms Power Consumption-ON≤5W/m2 Operating Temperature ON/OFF -10°C to 70°C Thickness≤400μm Maximum Width:2000mm Maximum Length:50m

More products and A4 smart film demo kits are available, please feel free to contact us!.



Excellent performance data

Our LC privacy film gained remarkable reputation for excellent capability and performance among the clients.VLT and HAZE are the two important data to determine the quality of privacy film. Our products ensure not only the best data in VLT and HAZE, but also customers’ satisfactory.

High and stable quality

Our privacy smart film always keeps the first-class quality thanks to our tech-knowhow R&D, strict QC, high standard raw material and continuous improving production process

Competitive prices

Pricing is a key factor in decision making process for any customer. We offer competitive price of intelligent film for customer with varies budget and requirements. In order to meet varies demand of different customers, we work hard on keeping the pricing attractive.

pdlc smart film


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